About the Convention

About The Convention

As consumer behaviours continue to evolve as a result of significant changes in broadcast media, industry players across the entire ‘traditional’ and ‘new’ media value chain—i.e., broadcasters, content publishers, telecom operators, advertising agencies, brand owners, and industry regulators—are faced with a new set of opportunities and challenges regarding new and innovative advertising developments.

Key to this is that in the digital dispensation, advertisers and sponsors will put their funds where they can get variable audience reach.

Successful broadcast media and content publishing business models will leverage the combined powers of the fragmented media environment and provide advertisers and sponsors with relevant impact metrics, which in turn allow them to justify their spending with broadcasters and content publishers. In association with our industry partners, Broadcast Media Africa (BMA) is proud to present the International Summit on Advertising And Audiences Management For Digital Broadcast Media.

Bringing together major players in the broadcasting, publishing, production, telecommunications, branding and regulatory environment, this important industry summit is designed to assess new and innovative opportunities that are available within the evolving ecosystem and how industry players can leverage new models, strategies, technologies and solutions successfully.

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