Deborah Brady has an extensive background in television broadcasting and advertising sales across the African broadcasting landscape, boasting an extensive background in television broadcasting and advertising sales. Her expertise encompasses a broad spectrum, from public broadcasting to Pay TV and free-to-air television across Africa, with a strong emphasis on content distribution and revenue generation.

Her venture into the production realm provided Deborah with valuable insights into the ideation, creation, and production of advertiser-funded content. She has been instrumental in developing sponsorship partnerships for broadcaster-led productions and maximizing the potential of ancillary rights.

A pivotal chapter in Deborah’s career was her involvement with Discovery Networks, where she had a front row seat into a transformative era in broadcasting. This period saw the industry’s evolution from legacy PayTV to the incorporation of free-to-air distribution, as well as advancements in digital and OTT platforms. Deborah’s strategic acumen facilitated the establishment of new distribution partnerships across various platforms.

In her most recent endeavour, Deborah, alongside Cheryl Van Rensburg—a media veteran and former leader at Dstv Media Sales—has founded an ad sales and media consultancy agency. Their combined experience and intimate knowledge of the African continent have been instrumental in the development of their own Advertising Sales House. This enterprise represents media platforms and offers unique opportunities to clients across the territory, managing all aspects of the media business with unparalleled proficiency.

Deborah and Cheryl’s extensive travels and hands-on work across Africa reflect their passion for the continent and their commitment to fostering growth and opportunities. Their vast network and deep understanding of the market have been the driving force behind their successful business expansion throughout the region. As visionaries in their field, they continue to inspire innovation and progress in the African broadcasting and media consultancy landscape.